The principals at Kolb Consultants utilize their extensive experience in medical device product development and commercialization to fill the resource or knowledge gaps of their clients.  This support can take many forms and occur at any phase of the product development process, from early concept brainstorming sessions through FDA clearance and first clinical use.

 – Concept development – “Ideation”​

– Product design and prototyping

– Engineering models and drawings

– Project planning and management

– Business plan development

– Grant writing

– Market research

– Regulatory strategy

– Intellectual property

– Quality system development

– Design history maintenance


Sometimes companies are presented with great opportunities but temporarily lack the internal resources to get the necessary work done NOW!  Kolb Consultants can supplement your development team for a day, a week a year.  Don’t let new business opportunities pass you by.


Getting your “napkin sketch” invention to clinical use necessitates thoughtful completion of a long list of critical steps, and for the first time physician inventor its nearly impossible to go it alone. Partnering with Kolb Consultants allows you to take the guesswork out of the process.  We can be there to give you a little guidance, or work with you along every step of the way


Medical device startups can’t throw money around like they did just a few years ago.  Investors want these companies to run lean and manage resources efficiently.  This probably means that you don’t have the internal resources to navigate every phase of product development and commercialization.  Kolb Consultants can come alongside your team to bridge these expertise gaps and bring continuity to your development effort.